Next Steps

We are glad you have taken the time to check us out and are considering connecting deeper with the ministry and congregation here at HFCC. There are several steps we would encourage you to take as we seek to see you grow on your journey with Christ.





It’s All about Relationships

Whether you are brand new to Christianity, been a Christian for years, or are someone who went to church growing up but didn’t pay much attention, It’s All about Relationships superbly explains the heart of our faith! Highlighting both our problem and God’s provision these 4 lessons can be completed anytime with any member of the staff.

Reaching U

If you are new and would like to know more about HFCC, what we believe, and how God can use you here, Reaching U is for you! This 5 lesson course is scheduled periodically throughout the year and meets during the Sunday school hour in the Family Life Center.

Lesson 1: Reaching up to God

Lesson 2: Reaching in through God’s Word

Lesson 3: Reaching around through the Church

Lesson 4: Reaching down through serving

Lesson 5: Reaching out through evangelism


Those who have seen their relationship restored to God through faith in Christ have also been adopted into His body of believers, the Church. We believe commitment to a local church/community of believers plays a vital role in following Jesus. At HFCC we encourage those who have been baptized by immersion and who agree with our core beliefs to join us as members as we seek to serve God, one-another, and the world in Jesus’ name.

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